"The media are the modern theater of today. In them, the boundaries between reality and fiction become blurred. It is our task and responsibility to make this line clear."Christian Seidel

Christian Seidel has been concentrating mainly on his work as a book author since 2010. Previously, he had worked as a media manager, as well as a film and television producer in the international media business. He started this career with the marketing conception of the art project "Luna Luna". Here, the Austrian artist Andre Heller designed a Luna Park together with several dozen world-famous artists, including Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, David Hockney, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein and many others. Heinrich Bauer Publishing Hamburg financed the project to the tune of 11 million marks, based on a marketing concept by Christian Seidel, in order to promote the image of its magazines. The project was considered the most expensive PR project in the world and a pioneer of event marketing.

Christian Seidel then set up a public relations and information department for Heinrich Bauer Publishing. Numerous event-based campaigns followed, with enormous, often international media attention. Particular attention was paid to his campaigns to update old films by having old newspaper reviews painted by artists and presented at openings in New York and Munich, as well as the scandals surrounding his gourmet rallies, in which he had celebrity guests eat a single course of delicacies in ten different restaurants in one evening, and his advertising campaign for Esquire magazine, where he bought the 100-year-old Steiff for a ransom of 100. 000 marks, and the organization of a spectacular appearance by Michael Jackson's sister La Toya on the TV show Wetten Dass, where she appeared together with a live boa constrictor snake. With his media campaign TV For Nature, he arranged an environmental campaign in the late 1990ies in which more than 60 television stations worldwide participated.

In the late 1980s, Seidel arranged for the young Claudia Schiffer to appear on the TV program Leo's Magazine and subsequently signed a contract with the model as a publicist and media manager, which resulted in a long-term collaboration. Seidel managed other personalities such as Arabella Kiesbauer, he advised Margot Hemingway for a career restart. In 1992 he organized one of the first television model contests for the German TV host Thomas Gottschalk and he was responsible for the casting of a storm of 25000 applicants. The winner of this contest was Heidi Klum.

Christian Seidel played role in the development of the German private television business as a media manager and public relations consultant. With his company CSC Communications, he advised TV stations and film companies, including ProSieben, SAT1, RTL2, KirchGruppe, CBS, Lucas Film and Heinrich Bauer Publishing. As Executive Vice President WH of the KirchGroup media group, for several years in the 1990s he managed the worldwide marketing of the large film program as well as the marketing issues of the TV stations belonging to the group. He was responsible for the international marketing campagnes such as of the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (Lucas Film), the restart of legendary film classics like “Scarlet” or the “King Kong” films, or the launch of the Junior label for non-violent children's films together with author Astrid Lindgren.

Later, with his company Pipeline Filmproduction in London, he produced the international feature film "The Biographer - The Secret Live of Princess Di" (Diana - Her True Story). To realize the project, Seidel bought the rights to biographical audiotapes of Princess Diana. He acted as executive producer of Sound on Film, an arthouse film series for BBC2 in 2002, in which renowned composers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and Adrian Utley of the rock group Portishead worked together with directors such as Nicolas Roeg, Werner Herzog (Pilgrimage), Hal Hartley and Quay Brothers.

As a producer, he also realized the political talk show series "Talk without Show" for N24, first with the talmaster Arabella Kiesbauer, later with Bärbel Schäfer, as well as various TV formats such as "Arabella Night" or "For a kiss there is never a must” ProSieben

Christian Seidel later periodically developed real estate projects as an entrepreneur, in Munich, Kiev and Havanna.

Christian Seidel has been trained as a journalist through internships and volunteering, then worked as a writer for the German trend magazines Tempo and Wiener, as well as for publications such as Abendzeitung, Süddeutsche, Stern, Sonntagsblick. Previously, he studied the science of theater and music in Munich, and piano at the Munich music university, then stopped these studies as he discovered his passion in theater. He then trained as an actor for three years at the Neue Münchner Schauspielschule instead, while working as a truck driver for Deutsche Post and as a projectionist at ARRI Munich. Later he continued his education with training in therapy and Asian philosophies.